A few notes from Aisling…

Yes, this issue is late. *blush* I could give you a whole list of very impressive excuses, but the fact is, my life is like this. I have the best of intentions, but sometimes I need more hours in the day, and days in the week, to accomplish everything that I have in mind. I'm working on that...! *grin*

Yes, I lose sleep over the delays, and that's a royal waste of my time. *grin and sigh* However, I finally get caught up on everything, and sit down to write this, and… well, I think the results are worth the wait. I hope you'll agree.

Also, I had planned to discuss paper arts in this issue, but frankly I'm working on my own wearable art right now, so this issue highlights the best of what I've found out about this topic.

If you're ever wondering what's in the next issue, and when it'll be in the mail, that info is usually at my website, along with my latest art ideas.

The next issue…? I have no idea, but I plan to have it in the mail no later than March. In fact, I plan to put it together right after the holiday. It may return to the subject of paper arts. Then again, by then I may be doing all kinds of dolls… cloth, paper, and assemblage.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this issue.



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