What is this?

It's an artists' zine. That is, it's an informal magazine to inspire artists.

It is written and illustrated by Aisling D'Art, a multi-media artist whose goal is to spark creative ideas and dreams in others.

This zine is available by yearly subscription; a free, online version appears at

Current subscription info appears inside the back cover of this zine.

Also, as long as a copyright notice appears on the copies and the material is not taken out of context, you can freely copy this zine for others to enjoy. However, you cannot make a profit by selling the copies, only cover your photocopying expenses.

If you have any questions about this zine, subscribing to it, or copying it, please ask. Many questions are answered at Aisling's website. You can also contact her at or by snailmail at PO Box 7353, Nashua, NH 03060-7353 USA.

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All original text, photos, and art are 2000, Aisling D'Art.