Recommended reading

David Kibbe's Metamorphosis, by David Kibbe.
This is one of my favorite books on selecting a style that will flatter you the most. It's out of print, so find it at used bookstores, or ask your library to get it on inter-library loan.

Flatter Your Figure, by Jan Larkey.
A small paperback that will prevent you from making the worst possible mistakes when selecting designs.

The Triumph of Individual Style, by Mathis and Connor.
An artistic approach to choosing a wardrobe. Also possibly the best book on "your" colors, ever.

40 over 40, by Brenda Kinsel.
The subtitle says it all: "40 things every woman over 40 needs to know about getting dressed."

Terms of Adornment, by Deborah Chase.
What to wear with what, for the impact you want.

Cheap Chic Update, by Milinaire and Troy.
Another out-of-print marvel, with fabulous ideas and some dated looks.

French Chic and Italian Chic, both by Susan Sommers (not the Thighmaster one).
Great resources for fashion ideas.

Gypsy Moon, the online store, or call (800)955-GYPSY for an inspiring catalogue.

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