Word necklaces... and other uses for words

©2001 - 2007 by aisling d'art (notes from my 2001 workshop using these words)

Vague guidelines:

Version #1: Words on bead necklace thingies

Select words that you like. Cut them out.

You can cut just around the word so the foam board sticks out around it, OR you can cut the word to size including borders to cover the foam board. Stick the words on the foam board with ModPodge or your favorite paper glue.

Think in terms of refrigerator poetry magnets. Form sentences or phrases, or just select words that you like and string them together.

Use your needle and thread to attach the words together.

You can use trinkets and evidence (loose, or stuck on foam board) between the words, or at either end, with or without grommets.

Add an extra length of thread/ribbon at each end, and attach to necklace closure findings.

Version #2: Words on polymer clay

Choose words. Photocopy or laser print them backwards onto paper. Use gin to apply them to unbaked polymer clay beads. (See Polymer clay image transfers with gin.)

Bake beads. Use beads in jewelry and for embellishments.

Variation: Apply words to polymer clay rectangles. Bake. Add magnets to the back. Use as refrigerator magnets. (If your car is metal, they'll adhere to your car, too.)

Version #3: Words on fabric

Print the words (backwards) on tee-shirt transfer paper and iron the words onto fabric. Cut them out. Apply to art... fabric art or your journal pages. (You can sew them onto the pages if you've backed the page with fusible interfacing.)

To copy your own page of words, free, visit this freebies page.

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