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  • Zines... There are so MANY of them, and so often they spring up in full flourish and then they're gone almost as quickly. There is no way to keep up with them! However, here are a few that have arrived in my own mail, been shared online, or otherwise brought sparkle to the art scene.

    Art zines - mine:

    • Musing, Summer 2000 issue. Remaining subscription orders being filled. No new orders taken.

    Art zines - others':

    Also, there are MANY other wonderful zines being produced for the BOTMzine. I'm reluctant to list them all here, in case some of these are exclusively for the swap.  However, if you're interested, the list to check out is botmzines.

    And... do you know of other great art zines? Let me know about them! Thanks.

    lotsa art!

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