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  • Imbolc 2001 - Ballynafae postage

    imbolc 2001 artistamps, ballynafae
    Imbolc 2001 postage from Ballynafae
    first day of issue, 31 jan 01

    After months of general strikes in the post office, Ballynafae has finally settled the internal disputes and issued its first block of stamps for the year 2001.

    The photos represent late winter in Ballynafae, as Imbolc approaches and we anticipate a glorious springtime.

    Seagulls are among our favorite birds in this country, and they look stark and white against the snow-laden skies.

    Pink sunsets herald another starlit evening, and a sunny day to follow for skiers and other patrons of Ballynafae's famous winter sports.

    This block of stamps was issued on the 31st of January, 2001. A limited issue of 20 RAKs were sent on that day, as a First Day Cover.

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