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  • Real stamps and faux stamps: info for artistampers

    by Aisling D'Art

    I'm not certain that anyone wants to have "rules" for artistamping. I mean... isn't that the point? *grin*

    However, there is something delicious about making stamps that look so real, even the postmaster is taken by surprise.

    To have the most convincing-looking stamps, it is helpful to know as much as possible about "real" postage stamps. The following links provide useful information for stamp collectors. (Unless it says otherwise, these links will take you to others' websites. Bookmark this site, before you leave!)

      First day covers, cachets, and terminology

      • One of the most frequently-asked questions is about FDCs, or "First Day Covers." Artistampers sometimes overlook this opportunity for adding art--and perhaps value--to the stamps that we mail. Here's a definition, if this idea has appeal:

        An FDC, or "First Day Cover," is an envelope to which a postage stamp is affixed. The postmark or cancellation applied to that stamp is dated on the date and at the location that the postage stamp is first placed on sale. Most collectors also want a printed design on the envelope that explains or provides additional information about the stamp. This printed design is called a "cachet." Envelopes, or covers, with postage stamps and cancellations are also issued for various special events such as First Flights, Presidential Inaugurations, Sports, Patriotics, Philatelic Conventions, XMAS, Special Events, etc." -- First Day Covers, by Martin Severe.

      • For examples of "cachets" created by Junior Philatelists (stamp collectors under age 18), check this illustrated page. (Hmmmm... are these future artistampers and/or mailartists?)

      • Looking for stamp ideas, and what to celebrate with a stamp? Ask your local post office about recent and upcoming commemorative stamps.

      More than meets the eye...? and other FUN!



      • If you're considering special kinds of cancellations for your stamps, Ken has also written an article, Not Your Run of the Mill Cancellations. Basically, your options (besides postal cancellation and your own rubber stamp variations) include overprinting to simulate pre-cancelled stamps.

      Adhesives and glues


      • At this website: From my files, some "real" stamps, to provide ideas, or I suppose you can copy and then tweak/morph them...?

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