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  • Walt Disney World's Tapestry, 2001

    Tapestry--at first "Tapestry of Nations" and then "Tapestry of Dreams"-- was the twice-daily parade at EPCOT's World Showcase. In my opinion, it was one of the very best attractions (okay, it was a parade, not a ride) ever created by Disney.

    I'm working on a zine about Tapestry, and there will be more artistamps and mailart to celebrate it, but the first block of six stamps looks like this:

    six Tapestry artistamps 2001 by Aisling
    click here to see the stamps

    Starting at the upper left corner and going clockwise around the artistamps:

    1. This artistamp shows Sage, who opens and closes the Tapestry procession. Sage is dressed in gold and silver, and with his/her staff, signalled the start of the magic.

    2. This is one of 15 percussion floats, each with two drummers, who kept the pace of Tapestry in rhythm.

    3. Tapestry puppets rose nearly 20 feet in the air, and danced with delight along the parade route.

    4. The hammered, metallic figures were grand and almost overwhelming. However, these figures allowed some of the widest range of motions and options for the puppeteers, so humor abounds.

    5. The puppets varid widely in style, material, and features. They were the most glorious fantasies, visiting us in reality.

    6. Each cast member who supported and animated a puppet, added his or her own personality. This artistamp shows one of the most energetic puppeteers, Jeremy Pace, whose enthusiasm is contagious.

    The mix of fabulous and, literally, fantastic imagery made Tapestry was a must-see when at Walt Disney World in Florida. As Tapestry of Dreams, the final performance was March 1st, 2003.

    It will be missed by those who loved it and drew steady inspiration from it.

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