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    What is mailart? What do these words mean?


    Online mailart shows:


    Links to Mailart calls - how to participate in this off-kilter world

    • Fan Mail Art Info, in Luxembourg. One of the best sites for info.

    • Dragonfly Dream's mailart call list, includes a clarification about a false call.

    • Shouting at the Postman offers important insight into fake calls, plus links to current call sites.

    • This and and this are just two of many other mailart conferences/message boards.  If they're not there now, sorry. These boards appear & disappear in a blink.


    Publications and info - mailart:


    Publications and info - rubberstamping:


    Links pages for more mailart and rubber stamp info:


    Other links - not exactly mailart

    • Assemblage d'assemblage, a few visually astonishing pieces of collage-gone-big. See other challenging artwork at the IPDG, too. Not always nice, and rarely cute.

    • badart.com, with very bad art in a delightful context. Thought-provoking and smiles guaranteed. Well, if you appreciate this kind of humor.

    • Dan Eldon - The Journey is the Destination. Collaged journal, clearly an inspiration for many others.

    • Gallery of the Absurd for the strangest, campy advertising images. It makes me laugh out loud.

    • Griffin and Sabine, by Nick Bantock: an inspiration. I love this three-book series, and later work.

    • Loosely Glued Art Gallery, odd imagery in a collaborative online gallery.

    • A little off-the-subject: SQuarK MUseuM, of odd, Fluxlist stuff. (If you like Fluxus, see Fluxus Online.)


    Where to buy rubber stamps


    lotsa art!

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