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permission-free 19th century (and early 20th century) photos of men, women, and children

Instant Ancestors 2
©2004, by Aisling D'Art

This is the second in my series of "Instant Ancestors" featuring mostly 19th-century photos. There are over 65 unique, permission-free images on this CD, meaning that you can use these photos--altered or "as is"--in original art that you sell to others, in your ATCs, etc.

These photos were scanned at high resolutions, and published to the CD without any changes. If you're someone who likes signs of age on pictures--spots and scratches--you'll be pleased that these look old. (However, you can clean them easily with any graphics program, if you prefer pristine images.)

Like most of my other permission-free clipart collections, this CD is $10 and includes the right to reprint as many of these images as you'd like, even for art that you sell in shops, online, at eBay, etc.

This collection is much better than Stock Photos 1, because 34 of the photos (including most of the images below) were scanned at 600 dpi. This means that when you print them at 150 dpi (the default resolution on many inkjet and laser printers), you can successfully print each photo at sizes up to 8" x 12" with no loss of quality.


Here are thumbnails of some of the 65 photos on this CD. (The photos on the CD are much larger. Online, at 72 dpi, most would be about 16" x 24" if you used them "as is.")

2 children from the 19th century probably john boyle of boston, ma young woman -morey girl - morey
louis and nap bernier

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