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©2004, by Aisling D'Art

vintage ads clipart public domain

This CD contains over 250 advertisements--plus bonus images (see below)--scanned from magazines published in 1906 through 1918. Since most printed material from before 1923 is copyright-free, you can use these images in your art, even in art that you sell.

I've scanned the advertisements at 300 pixels/inch, which means that your prints will be high quality, and you can even double the size of the images (at 150 pixels/inch) and still print very good copies of these ads and the illustrations in them.

Most (but not all) of these ads include some kind of illustration. Most ads were scanned individually, but some are in groups so that you can easily print several on one sheet of paper.

Thumbnails of three ads:

These ads are from magazines in my personal collection, mostly the Ladies' Home Journal and Saturday Evening Post. I've included a wide range of ads, but tried to keep the focus on subjects that would be useful for collage artists.

This CD is available from Santa Flamingo, my Cafe Press store, for $10 plus shipping.

another of over 250 ads on this CD

Bonuses: I've included over 20 bonus images:

  • Scans of two envelopes from that era, with cancelled stamps on them (300 pixels/inch).
  • A dozen small photos (at 150 pixels/inch) of women--some in their silk undies--from the flapper era and earlier. Here are three thumbnail samples:

  • And, eight fashion illustrations from the pages of the 1906 Ladies Home Journal. Here's a thumbnail image of one:

    one of eight 1906 fashion illustration
    ---original is over six inches tall, at 300 pixels/inch (5.1MB)---
  • In other words, you'll receive enough elements to create dozens of unique collages, and print embellishments for hundreds of other projects, for less than you'd pay for a reprint of just one of the bonus photos. And, they're all old enough to be in the public domain.


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