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    On Thursday, we had a slightly blustery but sunny lunchtime. On Friday, it was so warm & sunny, we opened most of the classroom windows for cross-ventilation and to cool off.

    Did we go swimming either of those days? Nooooo! *deep sigh*

    We trusted the weatherman who said that Saturday was going to be the warmest, sunniest day of the week!

    So, with blustery winds, rain threatening, and choppy waters, three of us dared the icy waves of the Sound: Stephanie Rojas, Z'anne Bakke, and yours truly (Aisling D'Art).

    Okay, I can go in the water cheerfully when I decide how soon to get how wet. When the waves are deciding it for me... it's not quite so easy! *chortle*

    Thank heavens, Dave (Tracy's uncle) drove us to & from in a nice heated van. And he took these photos.

    In the center, you can see hardy and determined Stephanie Rojas. To the right, second-year veteran Z'anne Bakke (last year, she took the photos), who also made our team tee shirts. And, that's me on the left in the black suit with the big red poppies painted on the, uh, chest *grin*

    wading in

    discussing it, with chattering teeth


    Z'anne did the counting and we all took the plunge. Stephanie was still mustering her courage (or banishing all sensibility, perhaps? *grin*) when this photo was taken, but once she did get wet, she stayed in the water the longest of the three of us.

    Z'anne was the warmest when we left the water, because her wet clothing acted as a wetsuit against the fierce winds.

    Stephanie had the presence of mind to bring a change of clothes and two people to hold the blanket as an improvised changing room, so she was relatively warm, too.

    Moi? My teeth chattered as I laughed like crazy, all the way back to Artfest!

    After the swim--and a quick visit to the dining hall to announce that we'd done it--Z'anne and I dashed back to our dorm for a l-o-n-g hot shower.

    And Z'anne made tee shirts for us: Artfest 2003 Swim Team, with "Venus on the half-shell" as the image. Sooooo coooooool! *biggest grin*

    We had FUN!

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