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Painting for People Who Can't Draw
class notes & handouts
©2004, by Aisling D'Art

Four 20-minute acrylic sketches, painted during Artfest 2004, Fort Worden, WA

My 12-page handout for this class is not what I taught in the class; these notes are what follow what I taught in class. In other words, they are intended to answer the questions that people might have after the class.

I'm putting the handout packet online, free, for your personal use. I do this for two reasons. First, I'm hoping that you'll see the kind of info I provide, and want to take a class with me in the future.

But even more importantly, I want to introduce more people to the joy of painting with acrylics and oils. Really, it's not so complicated as you might think!

These notes are provided in two formats:

  • Painting for People Who Can't Draw - class handout in PDF format, for PC or Mac.
  • Painting for People Who Can't Draw - class handout in .DOC format, Microsoft Word for Windows.

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